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Previous Experience and Desired Position(s)

Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Motor Repair Mechanic / Apparatus Repairman
On-site Work
Test & Inspect
Coil Manufacturing
Generator Specialist
Diesel Generator/Engine Mechanic
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Leadman, In-shop or Working Foreman
On-site Lead Person
Electrical Foreman
Mechanical Foreman
General Foreman
Shop Superintendent
Plant or Shop Operations Manager
Plant Engineer
Production Control/Scheduler
Quality Control & Assurance
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Supervisor
Application Engineer
Inside Sales
New Equipment Sales
Service Sales
Product and/or Marketing Manager
R&D Product Development Engineer/Mgr
Instructor / Trainer
Sales Manager
General Manager
Regional / Division Manager / President
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Circuit Breaker Technician
Switchgear Specialist
Field Service Engineer
Field Service Technician
Start-up - Commissioning / Tech / Engineer / Mgr
Transformer Field Service / Test Repair
SCADA Engineer / Technician
NETA Certified Engineer / Technician
Instrumentation / Control Technician
Protective Relay Engineer
Power Systems Engineer
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Service Coordinator
Engineering Supervisor
Engineering Manager
Manager, Engineering Services
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Specification Engineer
Design Engineer
Design Manager
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
UPS Engineer / Technician / Manager
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Repair
Power Quality Engineer
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Process Control Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Manager, Parts Manufacturing
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Electrical Utility Engineer / Technician
Power Plant/Control Room Operator/Engineer
Reliability Engineer
Rotating Machinery Vibration Engineer/Tech
Facility Maintenance Engineer/Tech/Mgr
Maintenance Mechanic
Predictive / Preventive Maintenance
Substantial Experience Desired Position Experience/Position
Geothermal Power Expertise
Hydro Power Expertise
Nuclear Power Expertise
Solar Power Expertise
Wind Power Expertise
Wind Power Up-Tower Expertise
Wind Farm Expertise

Product Knowledge

Personal Skill Set

Other General Skill Information

Can you fabricate from drawings?

Can you read blueprints/design prints?

Can you read schematics?

Can you read wiring diagrams?

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