How to Maximize Efficiency in Privilege Review with PrivFinder

How to Maximize Efficiency in Privilege Review with PrivFinder

Privilege review is a critical component of the legal discovery process, demanding both precision and strategic planning. PrivFinder was developed as a tool for legal professionals that offers a sophisticated method to identify and manage potentially privileged documents. This guide provides a detailed approach to using PrivFinder results to refine your review workflow, ensuring a more effective and accurate assessment of privileged communication.

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Strategic Review Workflow Implementation

Leverage PrivFinder’s capabilities by adopting the following workflow enhancements:

  • High-Priority Legal Communications: Assign documents marked as communications with attorneys or law firms to experienced reviewers. This ensures that documents with a high likelihood of privilege are examined thoroughly, along with their related document families.
  • Enhanced Categorization: Utilize additional categorization of legal actors to filter out communications with opposing counsel, streamlining the identification of privileged documents. Click here to learn how to designate legal actors with PrivFinder.
  • Focused Keyword Document Review: Segregate documents flagged for privilege-related keywords for specialized review. This targets documents that may not directly reference a legal entity but still carry potential privilege implications.
  • Streamlining Non-Flagged Document Review: Quickly identify documents lacking PrivFinder flags by filtering for entries where the ‘PrivFinder Reasons’ field is blank. These documents typically require a less intensive privilege review process, allowing for a more rapid progression to production.

Interpreting PrivFinder Results

The ‘PrivFinder Reasons’ field is essential for categorizing documents. It flags potential privilege by identifying communications to or from attorneys, mentions of law firms, or the presence of legal keywords that are broad enough to capture a range of privileged material without being overly restrictive.

Prioritizing Documents for Review

Documents without PrivFinder flags are less likely to contain privileged information and can be prioritized to accelerate the review process. They often demand less intensive examination, which can significantly reduce the time and resources required for review.


Incorporating PrivFinder into your document review protocol can dramatically improve the identification and management of privileged information. This tool enables legal professionals to deploy their expertise efficiently, ensuring that the privilege review process is both thorough and expedited.

By adopting PrivFinder for your privilege review needs, you position yourself at the forefront of legal review technology, ensuring a superior and meticulous approach to the discovery process.