Illuminating the
data black box.

Drive your data workflow with Amplify, our suite of AI applications. Designed to be an intuitive solution to legal
data interaction.

Drive Your Workflow

Amplify houses our most powerful AI-powered tools that were each created to streamline data workflows.

Each AI-powered application within Amplify provides the most efficient solution to your most complex needs.

Starting at the point of ingestion through review and production,  Amplify provides critical insights at every stage and enables effortless data interaction.

A solution we built today thinking of tomorrow.



Simplify the review process regardless of data forms. Analyzes and displays image types like graphics, pictures, and even handwriting.


Priv Finder

Reduce privilege review costs and risk of clawback. Discovers, sorts, and presents all
potential attorney/client communication.


Chat Craft

Gather chat data efficiently for downstream review benefits. Seamlessly collects, reviews, tags, and produces chat data.



Interact with data effortlessly with the first
data visualization tool in the industry. Provides critical insights at every stage. 



Focus only on the bits of information that matter. Provides a field in Relativity that shows keyword hits in context.


Bot Detector

Identifies bot generated messages in the review database. Culls an additional 15% of all communications docs.

Intuition-based AI: how it was meant to be.

Our AI applications are designed to provide unparalleled speed, efficiency, and accuracy in legal workflows, resulting in cost savings, improved decision making and increased transparency and defensibility. 

Lineal SaaS Environment

Now available within our own SaaS environment, we merge our AI applications’ efficiencies with ease of use so you can start making noticeable differences in your workflow today.  

Half Tech, Half People

At Lineal, we understand the importance of merging the expertise of our people with the power of our AI-powered applications. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and guide them through the complexities involved in litigation, technology, data, and compliance.

AI-Powered Document Review

Led by seasoned industry leaders, and enabled by a global network of 1000+ vetted, skilled, and certified review professionals, Lineal is able to scale to meet any size document review need within a short window anywhere in the world.

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