How to Find Hotspots in Chat Data Using Communicator Overlap

Chat data can be a treasure trove of information in legal investigations, and identifying communication overlaps is a key strategy for pinpointing relevant interactions quickly. Lineal’s ChatCraft provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly approach to uncover these overlaps. This guide will walk you through the process of using ChatCraft’s “All Participants” field to reveal hotspots in chat data through communicator overlap.

Step-by-Step Process to Identify Communicator Overlap

  • Filter by Participants: Start by utilizing the ChatCraft “All Participants” field. This filter allows you to view all parties involved in the chat data.
  • Select Participants of Interest: From the dropdown menu, select the participants you wish to investigate. This narrows down the data to the communications involving those specific individuals.
  • Choose Conversation Level: You have the flexibility to analyze the data at various levels – from full conversations to daily interactions, down to individual messages and attachments.
  • Preview and Review: With the Preview feature, you can swiftly scroll through the conversations to gauge the context and substance of the discussions.
  • Apply Coding: When you identify a document or message that requires further action, use the “Toggle Tags” function to turn on tagging. You can then apply inline coding directly within the document.

Navigating Through Chat Data with Precision

The ability to filter and analyze chat data based on communicator overlap is invaluable for legal professionals. It allows for a targeted review of the data, focusing on the interactions between key individuals that are most likely to yield relevant information. Here’s a look at how to use key terms and phrases to identify hot spots in chat data.


Leveraging ChatCraft for communicator overlap analysis streamlines the review process, enabling legal teams to quickly identify and code significant communications within chat data. By following this focused approach, you can efficiently sift through large volumes of data, ensuring that your review is both thorough and effective.

Incorporate ChatCraft into your legal review toolkit to transform the way you analyze chat data. With this powerful resource, you can conduct communicator overlap analysis with confidence, ensuring that no critical information is missed during your investigation.