Cyber Incident Response

In the fields of computer security and information technology, computer security incident management involves the monitoring and detection of security events on a computer or computer network. At Lineal we assist businesses with identifying a tailored solution to their needs and help them navigate the complexities involved.

When your organisation is affected by a cyber-attack, it is imperative to have clear guidelines and procedures in place to manage & neutralise all security breaches.

Our cyber incident response service and our industry leading experts provide the complete assurance you need to protect your assets in a timely fashion, minimising both internal and external impacts from cyber-attacks on your commercial operations.

If you’re sceptical about Cyber Incident Response, here are just a few benefits:

* An effective incident response plan improves the decision-making organisation. Having standardised procedures for incident response allows for decisions to be made quickly and effectively, which is critical following an attack or compromise.

* Effective incident response plans also improve internal & external coordination.

* The plans also establish distinct roles & responsibilities across the organisation, this makes the organisation’s internal response activities flow much more fluently and efficiently.

* They also enable organisations to act immediately after an incident is noticed and limit the damage from incidents that occur.

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