Cyber Security Support

Cyber security is the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data. The strongest form of defence & cyber security best practice includes a strategy of rolling assessment and testing with an effective incident response plan.

At Lineal Services, our team of experts ensure to continuously develop and provide cyber security solutions that support your business as well as efficiently mitigate attempts of cyber-attacks.

There are 5 different aspects to our cyber security service, these include:

Security Audit

This delivers critical insight by identifying vulnerabilities. By implementing our actionable step-by-step roadmap, we will ensure your key stakeholders are aware of any potential threats and advise you with the appropriate actions to safeguard your organisation.

Vulnerability Assessment Scan

Our vulnerability assessment scan will map your risk threat landscape by identifying vulnerabilities & configuration issues that hackers will use to get into your network. This external vulnerability scanning will provide additional assurance that your external interface risks are detected and classified.

Penetration Testing

With our Penetration Testing you can manage your infrastructure risk and protect your customer data with our advanced armoury of security countermeasures. Pen test (Penetration testing) uses fully accredited ethical hackers who have up-to-date knowledge, skills & competencies.

Cyber Incident Response

It is imperative you have clear guidelines and procedures in place in case you are affected by a cyber-attack. With our Cyber Incident Response service, our industry leading experts provide you with the complete assurance you need to protect your assets in a timely fashion.

Digital Forensics

At Lineal Cyber, we can offer you our comprehensive, digital forensic investigators who can pinpoint causes and identify the source of cyber fraud and attack both instigated by threat actors internally and externally.
These are just a few of the services we offer to ensure you’re keeping your companies’ data both safe and secure. We partner with our clients to help them protect themselves against one of the biggest threats of the modern age.

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