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How to Find Hot Spots in Chat Data Using Attachments with ChatCraft

Learn to filter and review chat data attachments in ChatCraft. Explore documents in their native format, apply tags for efficient analysis, and navigate to specific documents.

For a foundational review of ChatCraft fields, try ChatCraft Fields Review. For further techniques in filtering your chat data, try Identifying Chat Data Hot Spots Using Communicator Overlap in ChatCraft and Locating Hot Spots in Chat Data Using Key Terms.

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The New Standard of Chat Data Review with ChatCraft

Lineal’s ChatCraft™ streamlines collaborative data management in Relativity, offering efficient tagging, visualization, and relevant message exporting, modernizing communication review.

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From Documents to Data: The New Paradigm of eDiscovery

This thought piece explores eDiscovery’s evolving landscape, highlighting the need for modern solutions to review complex data and what law firms and corporations are doing to adapt.

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Understand Lineal’s Technology and eDiscovery Services

Get an in-depth look at Lineal’s suite of data review solutions built for Relativity, Amplify, and how better review strategies are created by our expert team of veteran consultants.

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