How Optimization Tools Reduce Labor Costs to Control eDiscovery Budgets

Unpredictable People Costs

In eDiscovery, where time, money, and resources are precious commodities, Lineal addresses the significant issue of review-related costs. With its innovative suite of Amplify tools, Lineal revolutionizes the landscape of data culling, organization, and review enablement to reduce review time and related costs significantly. Let’s look at Lineal’s robust, cost-reduction solutions and highlight the advantages of transitioning to a more efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery process.

Amplify Suite: Tackle Budget Busters

Lineal’s Amplify suite offers a range of powerful tools that directly tackle cost challenges associated with eDiscovery. By utilizing these tools, organizations can significantly reduce the expenses incurred throughout the process. Capabilities such as bot detection, search snippets, privilege identification, chat review and image classification enable teams to swiftly reject irrelevant or low-value data and identify the files most likely to contain useful information, saving valuable time and effort.

Tag without opening every doc

Many search tools highlight the search hits, making it easier to find results after the reviewer opens the document. Snippets display not only the search term but also the context in which it appears in the document, right in the results window. This view saves review time, as snippets often provide enough information for the reviewer to make relevance decisions. Reviewers can code multiple documents directly from the Snippets window without opening the emails or attachments. 


Lineal’s privilege pre-identification tool streamlines privilege review by finding privileged entities in the data set. Most claims of privilege are based on the people in the conversation, i.e., attorneys for the company, but only if non-company entities are not also recipients. However, it is not uncommon for attorneys to have email addresses outside the firm’s domain. How do reviewers then identify those privileged documents? Lineal uses name normalization to find all email addresses and chat handles for each legal actor, sparing attorneys the painstaking task of manually reviewing vast amounts of data for privilege. By automating this process, Lineal ensures significant time and cost savings while maintaining accuracy and precision.


Short Message Service (SMS) and other chat data can create review challenges. A quick “yes” or “OK” is useless in an eDiscovery review without immediate access to the rest of the chat conversation. ChatCraft enables legal professionals to efficiently review, tag, and manage chat data on a per-message, per-day, or per-chat basis. And it associates attachments with conversations to provide even more detail. This optimizes the review of digital communications to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Image Classification

Most eDiscovery review platforms were designed to review documents containing text. However, many discovery data sets also include images. Reviewing these non-text pdfs, photos, illustrations, or other image documents generally requires eyes on every single one. Lineal’s AI-driven object recognition software identifies image components, categorizes them and provides thumbnails. This makes it possible to search non-text documents with words to eliminate non-responsive documents and review only the potentially relevant images.  

Workflow Tool 

Consistency across matters drives efficiencies in eDiscovery review. However, it is challenging for legal teams to design efficient workflows without robust metrics to inform decisions. This is where Amplify comes in. First, it delivers metrics at each stage of discovery. Then, once the team has identified a particularly effective process, the software turns it into a template that can be applied to future matters. This workflow standardization provides a wide range of benefits which we discussed in a previous blog.

Centralized Applications with Flexible Integration

Lineal’s integrated platform, Amplify, acts as a centralized hub, combining its applications and eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. This streamlined workflow enhances efficiency and reduces costs associated with fragmented processes – logging into and out of various systems. Users can seamlessly access image investigation, privilege identification, chat data and more within a single interface, streamlining processes and tracking activities across all stages.

Finally, the applications within the Amplify Suite are available as both stand-alone tools and within other popular eDiscovery platforms. It has become common for corporate legal departments to dictate the review platform their outside counsel must use, so Lineal has integrated its tools into the most widely used review tools. Users can take advantage of these advanced capabilities regardless of corporate dictates. By integrating with familiar platforms, such as Relativity or Reveal, Lineal removes the costs of adopting new technology and enables teams to draw on their existing proficiencies.

Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Savings: Lineal’s Cost Revolution 

Lineal’s unwavering focus on review optimization reshapes the eDiscovery landscape for its clients. The Amplify suite, combined with exceptional client support, delivers efficient, cost-effective solutions. Powerful technologies: Amplify, Lineal Images, ChatCraft, PrivFinder and Snippets enable teams to streamline their workflows, minimize delays, and significantly reduce labor costs throughout the eDiscovery process. Additionally, with Lineal as a trusted partner, organizations can implement consistent workflows across their matters, ensuring efficiency regardless of personnel changes.