How to Streamline Chat Data Analysis with ChatCraft Attachments

How to Streamline Chat Data Analysis with ChatCraft Attachments

In today’s digital age, chat data often contains critical information pertinent to legal cases. The ability to efficiently navigate and analyze this data is essential for legal professionals. ChatCraft, with its specialized type field for attachments, offers a powerful solution for finding hotspots within chat data. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize ChatCraft to effectively identify and review these key data points. Click here to see a video guide.

Identifying Hotspots in Chat Data

The process of locating important information within chat data can be streamlined by focusing on the attachments that accompany messages. Here’s how to utilize ChatCraft for this purpose:

  • Filter to Attachments: Begin by applying a filter to your dataset that isolates attachments. This action directs you to all attachments across various chat platforms within your chat data.
  • Display Attached File Names: Ensure that the ChatCraft attached file name is visible in your search results. This simplifies the review process, allowing for quick identification of relevant documents.
  • Review Options: You have the option to click into each document for a detailed review or to scan the list of attachment file names for items that match your search criteria.
  • Navigate to Documents: Upon locating a potentially relevant attachment, you can navigate directly to it to view it in its native format.
  • Explore Contextual Data: If the document is of interest, further exploration is facilitated by ChatCraft’s ability to link directly to the full conversation, the conversation from that day, or the individual messages associated with the attachment.
  • Tagging and Marking: By using the “Toggle Tags” feature, you can tag the pertinent message and its attachments, making it easier to reference and categorize the data for future review or production.


ChatCraft’s attachment feature is a game-changer for legal professionals who need to conduct thorough chat data reviews. By focusing on attachments, reviewers can quickly identify and assess the most pertinent pieces of information within vast datasets. This targeted approach not only saves time but also ensures that no critical data is overlooked during the review process.

Embrace the advanced capabilities of ChatCraft to enhance your chat data analysis. With this tool, you can confidently navigate through complex data, ensuring that every significant detail is captured and appropriately reviewed.