Lineal and DAtAnchor Release LD Remote Reviewer Solution

Dallas, USA, October 13, 2020 Lineal Services, legal tech’s fastest-growing AI-enabled data services provider, today announced that it has released a remote reviewer solution in partnership with DAtAnchor, focusing on security and productivity.

Lineal and DAtAnchor have released their LD Remote Reviewer Solution designed to help with the remote working environment. With legal document reviews happening outside of secure locations, and the content of these documents requiring strict monitoring, the need to ensure secure review environments has spiked. LD Remote Reviewer prohibits reviewers from accessing the camera function on their mobile devices ensuring photos cannot be taken of the documents under review. It also scrambles the review screen when the reviewer utilizes the texting, calling or other designated apps strictly controlled by the review managers.

Further, the use of LD Remote Reviewer more accurately measures reviewer productivity as it allows the review manager to tell exactly how long the reviewer was engaged in the review application, and how many times the reviewer left the review environment to access their phone. The technology can even ensure the reviewer keeps their mobile device a certain distance from the review workstation.

Lineal partner, Damon Goduto said,

“In today’s remote working environments, we think it’s critical to innovate solutions that both address security and productivity enhancements. Giving our clients more information on reviewer performance and greater control of their data security is a win-win.”

DAtAnchor CEO, Emre Koksal states,

“Our mission is to help organizations maintain control over their sensitive information. LD Remote Reviewer does just that for remote legal reviews.”

Kit Mackie, Lineal CTO, said,

“Working with the team at DAtAnchor was a fantastic experience. They truly listened to our challenges and together we built something that will work in any web-based review environment.”

DAtAnchor VP Marketing, Ryan Boder, “When Lineal posed this legal tech challenge, we knew we had to raise the bar.”


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About DAtAnchor – DAtAnchor (, makes Anchor, the Universal File Access Control System. Anchor is lightweight zero-trust data security and privacy technology that empowers organizations to protect and maintain control of their data both inside and outside their network, even after being shared or stolen. Anchor makes it easy and affordable to protect and control sensitive information while using and sharing it as needed to do business.