Lineal Brings Cutting-Edge AI to Threading

Lineal Brings Cutting-Edge AI to Threading

London, UK, August 11, 2020 – Lineal Services, legal tech’s fastest-growing data services provider, announced today it has delivered a custom AI-enabled threading application.

The Lineal Threading AI Application known as LTAi is custom-built at Lineal to improve the productivity and workflow around threading. Lineal built it on top of NexLP’s threading algorithms, which were independently evaluated as the most accurate in the industry.

LTAi provides a simple field in Relativity to designate the documents that should be reviewed. It also offers three different variations of grouping, from less conservative to more conservative, allowing the review team to alter threading strategies depending on time and cost pressures. Moreover, it identifies important situations that occur after an incremental load. Finally, LTAi flags thread groups that have new members, so tagging can be propagated or the groups can be re-reviewed, carrying the analysis across incremental loads.

Damon Goduto, Partner at Lineal, states;

Our custom developed LTAi application has reduced the overall document count required for review. Our clients have been getting over 100% suppression on communication threads compared to traditional threading algorithms.  This is another example of how Lineal delivers cutting-edge Ai tech in easy to use way and implements solutions.”

Kit Mackie, Lineal’s CTO confirms;

“LTAi is only the beginning of unique solutions Lineal will provide to our growing list of clients.  We strive to reduce the complexity of review so our clients can quickly pull together the stories they need to win big for their clients.”

This development ensures increased review speed, reducing the documents needed for review, increased efficiency in delivering consistent documents for production and review, all of which in turn results in a significant reduction in cost for clients.


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