Lineal Delivers LPAi – Trained Priv Finder Model into Its Review Environments

Lineal Introduces LPAi – An Ai Based Privilege Doc Identifier

Dallas, USA, February 5, 2021 – Lineal, an Ai enabled legal technology services company has developed an Ai trained privilege identification model that scores all documents inside its review environment.  Trained on tens of millions of documents and based on NexLP Ai Model capabilities, LPAi scores every document on likelihood of being privileged and displays that score for the end user.

Lineal clients can immediately understand the prevalence of potentially privileged documents within a given population, as well as the likelihood on a sliding scale of whether those documents are truly covered under the rules of legal privilege.  LPAi’s model utilizes the same logic that a lawyer does to identify privilege documents by first identifying lawyers, analyzing whether they are adverse, aligned, or in-house, then finally filtering in legal and work product issues. The tool also allows for keyword inputs to round out the offering.  As the technology utilizes NexLP’s entity extraction engine, all lawyers are defined as entities removing the need to search for multiple email address, chat handles, etc.

“LPAi dramatically improves privilege review by applying a model that “thinks” like a lawyer would about the rules of privilege.  Understanding which documents are likely privileged, to both prioritize those documents for review and remove the risk of missing privilege, allows us to bring even more efficiency into the review process,” said Lineal CLO Jeanne Somma. “The really exciting thing, because LPAi is already providing the statistical scoring values, is that we can now confidently sample a set of documents scoring below a certain threshold to make larger decisions without having to lay eyes on each one.”

Kit Mackie - CTO at Lineal

Lineal CTO Kit Mackie said, “I love being able to develop solutions our clients get excited about.  And this one has really caused a stir!”

TJ Collins - COO at Lineal

“We differentiate ourselves by building amazing solutions inside our software partners’ environments.  Delivering a better privilege review is another example of how we listen to our customers and try to alleviate their pain points,” said Lineal COO TJ Collins.

Benefits of LPAi:

  • All documents loaded for review are scored for likelihood of being privileged
  • Model allows for law firm input on law firm domain dictionaries and keyword inputs
  • Identifies lawyers and their specific roles to provide uncanny privilege document detection
  • Built with machine learning allowing for continual improvement with every human interaction

LPAi is available inside the Lineal Relativity Server instances, Lineal’s RelativityOne instances or Lineal’s Reveal environments.

About Lineal – Lineal Services (, is a global legal data services organization leveraging AI and process-driven workflows to solve information governance, discovery, privacy, compliance, DSAR, conversion, and cyber issues for law firms and corporations.  Headquartered in London, and with offices throughout the North and South America, Europe, and Asia, Lineal has been delivering pioneering solutions since 2009.

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