Lineal Images: Efficient Image Classification and Management for Legal Document Review

Image data is a critical component of nearly all legal matters, yet it has remained a tedious workflow for document review lawyers due to the lack of tools that can efficiently manage image data. However, Lineal Images (LI) offers an ultimate solution for intelligent image classification and management, allowing you to easily identify and classify image data, save time, and increase efficiency in document review.


The Challenges with Image Data in Document Review

Reviewing image data during discovery can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when dealing with thousands or millions of documents. Junk data such as company logos can also add noise to the data and hinder a more sophisticated search for relevant images. Additionally, searching for images of handwriting on documents, technical drawings, and schematics can be a difficult task without the right tools. Therefore, a tool that can solve the problem of working with image data during document review is necessary to increase the efficiency of case teams and the quality of their results.

Advanced AI for More Efficient Review Workflow

LI is an image review accelerator designed to operate within Relativity and RelOne, providing a pragmatic solution for law firms, corporations, and service providers. By leveraging advanced image classification AI that has been trained on millions of images, LI instantly identifies and classifies all image files within the dataset. This allows for auto grouping in a “Netflix-style” format, creating a more efficient review workflow.

LI can identify graphics, logos, images, and even handwriting, making it simple to tag non-relevant information and create value in its application on almost every project. The advanced AI of LI also provides the option for a more granular search by conceptualizing images to classify specific details of the image content. This feature ensures that only relevant data is presented to the case team for review.

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User-friendly Interface and Quality Control

LI provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to customize your settings and preview documents across multiple categories. It also allows for quality control by giving users the ability to create an LI process to QC the image population and provide reporting on its status via Lineal’s Amplify workflow UI. The list of categories classified by LI is synchronized to custom search fields in your Relativity workspace, including all coding data.

Aligning with Both Application and Delivery

The ease of accessibility LI provides means that image classification technology in the eDiscovery world has aligned with both application and delivery. The result of a pragmatic solution like LI will be the expectation of higher standards of sophistication from litigation teams to both understand this technology and utilize these tools.


Lineal Images is a powerful new tool for intelligent image classification and management that solves the challenges of image data in litigation review platforms. With its advanced image classification AI and integration with Relativity and RelOne, it cuts down on review time and makes bulk tagging of non-relevant information simple. As the market shifts towards more pragmatic image classification AI tools like LI, law firms and corporations will continue to adopt and utilize these tools to increase efficiency and improve results in document review.