Lineal Reinvents Chat Data Legal Review with Lineal ChatCraft

Lineal Services Introduces Improved Technologies and Workflows for Chat Data

Dallas, USA, February 2, 2021 – Lineal, an Ai enabled legal technology services company has reinvented the way lawyers review chat data.  With substantive custodian conversations morphing from email to chat platforms (Teams, Slack, G-Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.), collecting, analyzing, reviewing and producing these conversations have become problematic for lawyers.  Lineal ChatCraft allows for chat data to be seamlessly collected, reviewed, tagged, and produced inside of Relativity, RelativityOne and Reveal review applications. The process was designed for discovery lawyers concerned with driving efficiencies for their corporate clients.

“With tremendous downstream deficiencies if not properly preserved and collected, reviewing chat data has been painful and expensive,” said Lineal client, Rose Jones, Partner and Co-Leader, eDiscovery Practice at King & Spalding LLPs.  “Lineal listened to our needs, and the needs of our clients to develop a workflow that allows us to better access and review different chat streams.”

Kit Mackie - CTO at LinealLineal CTO, Kit Mackie said, “This was a team effort at Lineal.  We listened to the needs of our clients, and the input of our engineers to ensure we properly preserved the data in a such a way to allow for the tagging of individual messages during review.  I’m really proud of the way we all came together to solve such a challenge.”

Damon Goduto - Partner at Lineal

Lineal partner, Damon Goduto said, “When the exec team at Lineal decided to return to the services space in 2020, we wanted to drive new solutions to complex problems.  Many others look at discovery as a “solved problem”, but data formats keep evolving, Ai tech keeps improving while reinventing workflows and continuous improvement is what we do best at Lineal.”

Benefits of Lineal ChatCraft

  • Chat data preserved and collected efficiently allowing for downstream review benefits
  • Links and attachments in the chat preserved, in-line for review
  • A toggle option to allow chats to be displayed and reviewed as:
    • one entire chat per document
    • one day of chat messages per document
    • tagging at an individual message level
  • Completely configurable:
    • You can define single choice or multi-choice fields (different tags)
  • Production
    • You don’t have to redact out the non-responsive or privilege chat messages.
  • Mass edit
    • You can mass tag chat messages (shift-click format)

ChatCraft is available inside the Lineal Relativity Server instances, Lineal’s RelativityOne instances or Lineal’s Reveal environments.

About Lineal – Lineal Services (, is a global legal data services organization leveraging AI and process-driven workflows to solve information governance, discovery, privacy, compliance, DSAR, conversion, and cyber issues for law firms and corporations.  Headquartered in London, and with offices throughout the North and South America, Europe, and Asia, Lineal has been delivering pioneering solutions since 2009.

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