Lineal Update to Relativity 9.4

We are pleased to confirm that Relativity 9.4 is now fully available to all of our clients.

Whilst Relativity 9.4 includes a raft of new features for greater administrative control and ease of use, its highlights are undoubtedly the enhanced Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Investigation tools. With Relativity 9.4 you will have a new user interface (UI) framework giving you easy access to a range of visual and statistical tools that help you gain a better understanding of your dataset from the very beginning. In addition to saving costs by reducing your review workload, this helps you identify ‘smoking gun’ documents more effectively.

The new UI framework allows you to add to your dashboard a variety of Pivot widgets such as charts, tables and cluster groups. These provide useful analyses of your data and can be used to inform your next steps in the eDiscovery project. They are fully customisable and your preferred configurations can be saved.

Other features of Relativity 9.4 include:

  • 10% higher processing speeds than previous versions of Relativity;
  • The new fields catalogue, which contains more than 100 commonly mapped metadata types, making it quicker to prepare   new data sets for review;
  • New production features that reduce overall production time by 18%;
  • Modified search panels that allow you easily to create searches on-the-fly.

We have already used Relativity 9.4 for a number of client projects. Feedback has been very positive, both from an analytical perspective and as a means of saving costs.

We are excited about continuing to share the benefits of Relativity 9.4 with our clients. To arrange a free demonstration or to request further information, please email or call us on +44 (0)207 940 4799.