Lineal Upgrade to Relativity 9.2

Having allowed the dust to settle on the release of Relativity 9.2, we are now pleased to announce that we have completed our upgrade to take advantage of the latest evolution and can start passing on the benefits to our clients. Whilst there are a host of new features, the key ones that we think need highlighting are;

• Having the ability to view the system on all platforms and using all browsers.
• Being able to switch view between ActiveX and HTML viewer.
• Clustering Visualisation
• Updated User interface

Of these updates, the ability to use the system across all platforms and browsers is possibly the most significant, giving users much greater flexibility. In the past Mac users and those people who have used different platforms in different locations have had to take their laptop around with them, this is no longer the case and users can now access their system from any location where they are working.
The enhanced functionality to switch between ActiveX and HTML viewer now provides greater flexibility for the user, depending on their own preference. In certain cases this can also help to speed up the search process as well.

Once the user has accessed the system, from whichever platform, the Cluster Visualisation is probably the main change they will see and is an interesting function that will help many people to visualise the search and easily see the cluster groups. With the function activated, the user can then easily drill down into any particular cluster and further narrow any search and group of documents. This feature will allow you to include key search terms and see the impact this has on the document sets. All of the new features have been further enhanced with a new user interface which we think makes the experience better and easier.
Overall, we like what we see and our clients are now seeing the benefits of 9.2.

For more details on these features and other enhancements and how Relativity 9.2 can help your eDiscovery contact us or call us on +44 20 7940 4799