A better way to review chat data.

Review chat data with an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation, swiftly identifies key messages, and unveils crucial trends in communication for legal professionals.

Swift in-line chat review.

ChatCraft streamlines the review process of chat and messaging data, allowing legal professionals to quickly and easily tag, review, and export relevant data on various levels (per chat, per day, or individual message).
Lineal ChatCraft mockup
Lineal ChatCraft mockup

All in one view.

By associating attachments with chat conversations, ChatCraft ensures that important documents are easily accessible and organized, preventing crucial information from getting lost in the sea of chat data.

Insightful data visualization.

ChatCraft’s ability to visualize chat history over timelines helps legal professionals uncover key trends and patterns in communications. This feature assists in quickly getting to the most active parts of a conversation.
Lineal ChatCraft mockup

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