Better image review

Search, review,  cluster, and tag image files with Lineal Images.

Lineal Images

Image review
made practical.

Get more done with Lineal Images, our AI-powered image review accelerator. There is more than one way you can see the impacts of Lineal Images on your data workflow.

Optimized for Accuracy

Integrated with Relativity as a mass function, our interface optimizes the accuracy of bulk tagging during review. This allows teams to find and tag images more quickly, immediately syncing those tags with Relativity.

Simple Review Format

Lineal Images was built with advanced training and knowledge of millions of existing images, which allows for auto-grouping in a “Netflix-style,” efficient review format. This makes bulk tagging data like logos and graphics that are not relevant simple.

Granular Image Classification

The advanced AI of Lineal Images conceptualizes images to identify granular classification of the image content. For example, in a construction defect matter, Lineal Images might exclude images from the construction site containing only vehicles, not building structures.

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