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Deploy Lineal applications to any RelativityOne and Server workspace, regardless of where your data is.

Fully integrated with RelativityOne and Server.

Inconsistencies arise from disparate data types, varying case requirements, and the ever-evolving industry standards.
Amplify, our suite of legal technology, delivers consistency by allowing you to build, save, and reuse workflows across matters, ensuring repeatable process that simplifies eDiscovery and investigations.
Amplify is our suite of eDiscovery solutions that elevate the data review process in RelativityOne and Server.
Use all our applications to create reusable workflows with Amplify.

The Lineal mission.

Our unwavering commitment is to create comprehensive solutions, not workarounds, that address the complexities and challenges in the legal industry. By combining our legal technology with deep expertise, we aim to provide a better way for legal professionals to navigate data review and analysis.

Find data that matters faster.

Amplify is designed to streamline eDiscovery and investigations with applications that give you the ability to suppress unwanted content, review modern data formats, and deliver insights to your stakeholders fast – in any RelativityOne and Server workspace, anywhere.

Introduce consistency to your process by saving workflows and redeploying on any matter and driving repeatable success.

amplify workflow lineal technology icon


Combines the power of all our applications into one seamless, customizable workflow.

Lineal Advanced Threading


Identifies privileged communications in your data set to mitigate inadvertent disclosure.

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Simplifies image search, review, cluster, and tagging.

Chat Craft technology icon


Seamlessly collects, reviews, tags, and produces chat data.
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Identifies bot messages in the review database.
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Provides a field in Relativity that shows keyword hits in context.

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