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Identify, manage, and mitigate risks with Amplify, our suite of legal technology for RelativityOne and Server. Experience unparalleled control and visibility to safeguard your organization’s interests.

Consistent workflows, Amplified.

Facilitate clear reporting and consistent processes in legal data review. Amplify enables the creation, usage, and automation of tailored workflows, while ensuring quality control throughout each stage. By leveraging Amplify’s innovative tools, you can create workflows that reduce review time by 60%, optimizing processes and boosting efficiency.
Lineal Amplify promotes consistent workflows
PrivFinder helps corporate legal departments safeguard against risk with privilege review automation.

A better way to privilege review.

With PrivFinder, corporate legal departments efficiently identify and safeguard privileged documents, ensuring confidentiality and preventing inadvertent disclosure. Utilize advanced search capabilities and a legal domain database to bolster your corporation’s legal position and reputation.

Intuitive chat data review.

Empower your corporate legal department to effectively mitigate risk using ChatCraft, our intuitive solution for reviewing and managing chat data. Swiftly identify and address potential issues, safeguarding your organization against unforeseen legal challenges hidden in chat data.
Lineal Amplify provides a suite of AI applications to drive consistency in legal workflows

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