Your decisions set you apart. Lineal gives you the information and tools you need to amplify the most valuable intelligence – yours.

Designed To Drive

Lineal has pioneered new business models that law firms and corporate legal departments need to sustain a competitive advantage and drive significant economic value. Our proprietary technology applications are simple to use, require no prior knowledge on AI, and are built to drive your workflow to achieve your objectives.



We uncover, interpret, and preserve ESI in a legally defensible manner.

Law firms

We empower firms to be better and do more with our data-driven, cost-effective solutions.


We provide tech that helps you align with and add value to your business.


We collect, host, and process data using best-of-breed tools and rigorous processes.

Unleash Your Intelligence

Lineal invests heavily in a suite of industry-leading technologies to solve our clients’ compliance, investigation, and litigation challenges around the world. Turnkey, easy to use, and fast to implement, our AI-enabled applications drive operational change, scalable execution, and business-wide efficiencies.

Achieve Measurable Results

Our talent, technology, and processes digitally transform how law firms operate, creating enterprise value and budget predictability.

Whether you’re a litigator, transactional lawyer, in-house counsel, CFO, or legal ops pro, Lineal’s AI technology suite enables you to make better, quicker decisions and helps generate more value for your clients or organization. With Lineal, you gain a strategic partner committed to easing your burden, navigating the complexity of your matter, and achieving measurable success.

      • Lower internal and external costs
      • Faster lead times on critical processes
      • More effective allocation of resources
      • Increased productivity
      • More effective case management



We Learn From Every Matter

Lineal helps corporate legal departments strategically align with and add value to the business as a whole. Our global team of experts delivers leading AI technology, proven process management, and cost-effective legal solutions to help companies remain competitive, ensure compliance, and manage to budget.

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