Our eDiscovery Services

Electronic Discovery and Disclosure or eDiscovery is the process of identifying, securing and reviewing Electronically Stored Information.

We are experts at quickly identifying the technologies and processes required to deal with a particular eDiscovery project. We provide clients with a clear idea of the scope of the data relating to a particular matter, and the costs of collection and review.

Our eDiscovery services include:

Information Governance

This starts with treating information as a valuable business asset. The rise of mobile data, social media and file sharing has made it imperative that organisations invest in a multi-jurisdictional, cross-disciplinary body of systems which regulate & control the use of data.


Our eDiscovery consulting team can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world to provide invaluable support and guidance to your project team.

Digital Collection

Within digital collection, there is data collection and preserving metadata. Data collection is one of the most technically challenging parts of eDiscovery. Once electronically stored information is located, it must be extracted in a forensically defensible manner. Preserving metadata helps to identify who made a particular document, on what date it was created, and when it was last edited and by whom.


This is the process of identifying, retrieving, collecting, reviewing and producing electronically stored information for disclosure purposes in civil and criminal litigation, as well as internal and external compliance inquiries and investigations and M&A deals.

Managed Services

Within Managed Services we offer a flexible & tailored approach to match our clients’ needs. Consolidating and delivering eDisclosure, litigation Support Services, Information Technology and Infrastructure, our focus here is on efficiency and effectiveness.

Managed Document Review

This is undertaken when an outside vendor manages the document review process on your behalf. We provide a seamless, end-to-end managed document review, helping our clients reduce costs and save time.

We also provide a legal document service. Here, our legal production department produces a full range of supporting information for our clients’ legal matters. This is a 24/7 service in order to deliver full & timely support for the most aggressive deadlines.

At Lineal Services we provide creative solutions to eDiscovery challenges, working with the EDRM framework, and ensuring all identified data is collected, reviewed and produced in a legally defensible manner.

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