Digital Forensics Investigations

We provide bespoke solutions to complex client problems, providing them with confidence in the process and the delivered outcome. By operating with cutting edge digital forensics, cyber security and eDiscovery technology, we use our expertise to exceed client expectations.

Digital Forensics is the process of uncovering & interpreting electronic data, then preserving the information in a legally defensible manner. With most organisations drowning in ESI (Electronically Stored Information), we can provide expertise and support in the digital forensics & investigation sector. One of the biggest challenges faced by modern companies is to collect, identify review and present relevant ESI whilst preserving its original form.

We provide a variety of Digital Forensics & Investigation Services:

Forensic Data Collection

With the latest technology, we can swiftly identify and recover data from local & remote server instances, cloud storage and mobile devices, as well as deliver critical insight by identifying and flagging vulnerabilities and high-risk practices.

Data Recovery

Our team retains the necessary tools & techniques required to deal with scenarios where data has been corrupted or deleted, difficult to retrieve or where the drive or device has been physically damaged through exposure to water, fire etc.

Misuse & Fraud Investigations

Not only do we provide an emergency response to deal with cyber fraud and /or misuse of company information, we also strike strategic partnerships with clients to identify weaknesses and create ongoing strategies to prevent such events happening in the first place.

Intellectual Property and Data Theft Analysis

With IP now being a major asset for most companies, especially for those in the tech sector, we can attempt to recover encrypted data, whilst maintaining crucial evidence to protect the integrity of a criminal/civil/regulatory investigation into the breach.

If you require more information about us or any of our services, then please feel free to browse the rest of our website or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7940 4799. We’re happy to help.