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We combine innovative legal technology and insightful expertise that improve eDiscovery services and legal data review.

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We are on a mission to redefine the standards of data review within eDiscovery by combining practical legal technology and tailored expertise that give you the information to truly know your data. Our unique blend of technology and experience result in more reliable and consistent eDiscovery services that help deepen client relations and mitigate risks. 

Amplify is our suite of eDiscovery solutions that elevate the data review process in RelativityOne and Server.

Meet Amplify,
an eDiscovery solutions suite.

Amplify is your all-in-one data review powerhouse. Use our applications to create eDiscovery and investigation workflows that you can save and reuse on any matter within RelativityOne and Server. Interact with chat and image data with intuitive interfaces built for simple review.

Use all our applications to create reusable workflows with Amplify.

The Lineal approach to eDiscovery services.

Our experts leverage Amplify to provide better data review services that deliver on-time and on-budget. Compliant with data protection laws, we deliver agile eDiscovery services dialed to your needs in a secure, cost-effective cloud solution.  

    Lineal eDiscovery services are powered by Lineal technology and conducted to the specific needs of our clients.

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    Use all our solutions and create a workflow.

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    Experience consistency and efficiency like never before with Amplify, our suite of legal technologies. Designed to streamline workflows, facilitate data review, and maintain quality control throughout processes, Amplify is your map in the navigation of legal data review, helping optimize resources and time.

    Lineal eDiscovery technology: Images


    Review, tag, cluster and search image files.

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    Search, filter, and review visual content during eDiscovery and investigations. Utilize AI-driven object and text recognition to find relevant images swiftly, saving time and resources. 

    Lineal eDiscovery technology: Snippets


    View keywords in context.

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    View keyword hits in context within a field in Relativity, enabling you to code multiple documents simultaneously without opening them fully. Boost your review efficiency, save time, and streamline your eDiscovery and investigation processes with precision.

    Lineal eDiscovery technology: PrivFinder


    Identify and safeguard privileged documents.

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    Identify and safeguard privileged documents, protecting sensitive information and legal positions. Utilizing advanced search capabilities and a legal domain database, it efficiently locates privileged documents, saving you time and resources, while mitigating the risk of inadvertent disclosures to third parties.

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    Review chat data with an intuitive interface.

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    Streamline the review process of chat and messaging data, allowing for quick and easy tagging, reviewing, and exporting of relevant data at various levels. With enhanced document tracking and an intuitive interface, Lineal eDiscovery tech is built to facilitate non-document review.

    Lineal eDiscovery technology: BotDetector


    Get rid of junk messages.

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    Isolate bot-generated data in your data set, minimizing the noise and enhancing review efficiency.  Focus on what truly matters, confidently tackle relevant data, and save valuable time and resources in your legal endeavors.

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    We equip you with innovative tools and consultants that drive more value for your clients.

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    reduce risk and optimize internal processes

    Use Amplify and Lineal experts to establish a repeatable eDiscovery method, reducing risk and cost within your organization.

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