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ediscovery & investigations

Make data-driven legal decisions

We are dedicated to transforming legal data challenges into opportunities through our data-focused services and tools. Our commitment to precision, reliability, and insight-driven outcomes equips our clients to excel in a data-driven legal landscape. 

eDiscovery & Investigations

We handle the complexities of modern data landscapes with expert analysis and comprehensive investigative solutions. Our approach ensures that critical information is uncovered swiftly and accurately, communicated quickly and thoroughly, supporting our clients throughout the litigation or investigation lifecycle.


Lineal’s Managed Services provide end-to-end eDiscovery solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. From data collection and processing to document review and production, our managed services ensure that every phase of your eDiscovery process is handled with expertise, precision, and scalability.


Enhance your eDiscovery capabilities with Amplify. Our data review suite offer advanced tools within RelativityOne, designed to modernize data processing, review, and management. Amplify equips users with powerful analytics and reusable workflows that transform data into actionable insights for better, faster outcomes.

Data Review solutions

Modern data, modern review

Amplify is a data review powerhouse. Leverage our award-winning discovery tools to develop and iterate better ways to get your work done. Amplify enables you to optimize your processes, review modern data sources faster and manage your spend, all within Relativity.


Deepen client relationships


Reduce risk and optimize processes


Lineal review solutions have won the 2021 and 2022 Relativity Award for Best Innovation, followed by Best Customer Experience in 2023.

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