compliance management

Modern compliance management

With the rise of global anti-corruption regulations, advanced legal technologies become a cornerstone for businesses. Our solutions provide an agile response system to adapt to regulatory changes and safeguard your organization’s reputation. In addition, our tools provide your team with capabilities that speed up investigations and monitor risk.

Unmatched Insights for Investigations

Get unparalleled case insights by combining advanced NLP and AI machine learning models with world-class litigation and compliance services. Our offerings include Sentiment Analysis, Anomaly Detection/Pattern Analysis, support in over 180 languages, and modernized chat and image data review.

Global Collection & Data Preservation

Our proven data collection and forensics experts cater to client needs globally, offering both on-site and remote solutions. With our global footprint extending to the Americas, Europe, APAC, and the Middle East, we ensure data is collected and preserved meticulously.

Global eDiscovery & Investigation Services

Access relevant information quickly and accurately with our eDiscovery technology. Our services encompass Forensic services, Investigations, and are powered by Amplify, a suite of tools that allows you to create templates from your successful workflows and apply them to any matter in RelativityOne and Server.

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