Maximize Reporting and Consistency 

Unlock cost savings and streamlined strategies with our innovative tools made to build templates for in-house legal teams.

A better way to operate.

Ensure clear reporting and uniform processes across all legal matters with Amplify, our suite of legal technology designed for full integration with RelativityOne and Server. Amplify allows you to create, use, and automate customized workflows, maintaining quality control at every stage. Experience up to 60% reduction in review time, optimizing processes, and boosting productivity.

Our legal technology suite helps you mitigate risk and develop consistent workflows.

A better way to review data.

Safeguard privileged documents and manage chat data effortlessly with our tailored solutions, PrivFinder and ChatCraft. Enhance confidentiality, prevent inadvertent disclosures, and bolster your corporation’s legal position with advanced search capabilities and a legal domain database. Empower your in-house legal team to rapidly identify and address potential issues, shielding your organization from concealed legal challenges in chat data.

Amplify contains several applications that deliver better data review.

Key takeaways.

Enhance efficiency and mitigate risks with tailored technology and expert support for in-house legal teams.

Intuitive Chat Data

Identify and address hidden legal challenges in chat data swiftly using ChatCraft.

Consistent Workflows & Reporting

Ensure clear reporting, efficient processes, and risk mitigation with Amplify’s innovative tools.

Streamlined Privilege

Protect privileged documents efficiently and reinforce your legal position with PrivFinder.

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