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Expert-led managed services

Drive more value from your eDiscovery process with services supported by award-winning discovery technology, expert-led solutions and strategies, security and insightful reporting that inform better legal decisions. Partner with us for scalable, advanced support that’s always in sync with your unique needs.

Innovative eDiscovery Solutions

Our Amplify suite delivers award-winning discovery tools that combine into powerful review workflows, enabling our team of experts to create custom solutions that align with your specific needs and enhance your legal outcomes.

Full-Scale Data Processing & Hosting

Harness the full potential of our review platforms with our versatile data processing services, designed to handle diverse and complex data challenges with ease.

Managed Data Review

Leverage a modern review process, whether remote or onsite, backed by our robust production strategies and precise project management.

Forensic Data Collections

Rely on our secure and thorough data collection services, available both onsite and remotely, to ensure the integrity and security of your data acquisitions.

Advanced Data Analytics for EDA & Culling

Maximize review efficiency with our sophisticated analytical tools, tailored to extract critical insights and enhance the precision of early data assessments and data culling.

Scalable Managed Services

Our managed services exemplify the pinnacle of legal technology, offering scalability to meet your specific demands, access to our team of experts, and comprehensive support and training, ensuring you fully leverage our technological capabilities.

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