eDiscovery & Investigations

Handle eDiscovery with Ease

We offer a full suite of services across the EDRM, supported by our proprietary eDiscovery technology and award-winning project management staff. Our platform is the first to put data at its center. By leveraging data, early case assessment is more effective, hosting is more efficient, and review is more accurate. Our experts understand how to extract the most value from your data and enable you to do the same.

Optimizing Outcomes with Lineal's eDiscovery Services

Our eDiscovery services are designed to optimize every stage of the discovery process, ensuring you gain strategic advantages while maintaining cost efficiency and legal compliance. Here’s how we ensure optimized outcomes through our comprehensive eDiscovery services: 

Data & Document Review

Lineal’s Document Review service combines legal expertise with advanced technology to ensure a thorough and accurate analysis of your case documents. Our expert team leverages Amplify tools to enhance efficiency and precision in identifying critical information. 

Forensic Collections & Consulting

Efficiently capture data from a wide range of sources with our advanced technological capabilities. Our team of forensic experts utilizes state-of-the-art tools to preserve the integrity and security of your data across various digital landscapes. 

Chat & Collaborative Data Services

Designed to address the unique challenges of chat messages and collaborative tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more, we ensure comprehensive management and analysis of conversational data. Our approach reduces review time, cuts costs, and enhances the accuracy of your data review process.

Processing & Hosting

Our advanced processing solutions transform raw data into review-ready formats, reducing volume and increasing relevancy through sophisticated de-duplication and threading techniques. Lineal ensures that your data is accessible and manageable, facilitating a seamless review process tailored to your strategic needs. 

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Gain strategic insights early in your case with our ECA services, helping you make informed decisions quickly. We help you strategize effectively, saving time and resources while laying a strong foundation for the next steps in the litigation or investigation process. 

Production Consulting

Our team guides you through the complex production phase, implementing advanced tools and strategies to manage large volumes of data and documents efficiently. We ensure that every aspect of production is meticulously handled, and tailored to meet legal requirements and your specific needs. 

Data-Focused eDiscovery Services

Powering Advanced eDiscovery Services

Amplify is at the heart of our eDiscovery services, enhancing every stage of the discovery process with its advanced capabilities. This powerful suite of tools is specifically designed to optimize the review of complex data sets, ensuring that our clients can tackle even the most challenging eDiscovery demands with confidence. 

Know Your Data

Enhanced Data Interaction

Amplify reduces the time and effort required to manage data, allowing legal teams to focus on strategic analysis rather than data management. Its intuitive interface and robust analytics tools enable quick sorting, tagging, and reviewing of large volumes of information. 


Our experts leverage Amplify to provide deeper insights into your data. These help identify potentially relevant documents more quickly, enhancing the relevancy of document review processes. 

Customizable Workflows

No two eDiscovery projects are the same. Amplify offers customizable workflows in RelativityOne tailored to the specific needs of each case. This flexibility ensures that our eDiscovery services are specifically aligned with the strategic goals of each client.