Forensic Collection & Consulting

Expert Forensic Collections & Consulting Services

Lineal employs industry-leading techniques to collect electronically stored information (ESI) while ensuring data integrity and adherence to compliance regulations like GDPR. Our global team of experts utilizes advanced technology to handle data delicately, preserving its original form for legal proceedings. 

Forensic Collections & Consulting

Unmatched Modern Data Collection Expertise

Lineal’s forensic team and tools are at the forefront of technological advancements, providing precision and efficiency in data collection. This ranges from traditional hard drive data to complex cloud and server-based information.

Custom Forensic Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of each case, Lineal tailors its forensic approaches to meet specific client requirements, ensuring that each forensic collection aligns perfectly with the legal objectives. 

Data Collection and Analysis

We specialize in recovering lost, damaged, or corrupted data and conduct thorough analyses to uncover critical information, aiding in the success of legal outcomes. 

Computer and Mobile Forensics

Our services extend beyond traditional platforms, embracing mobile technologies, social media and collaborative platforms, to capture vital data from various sources. 

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Available 24/7 worldwide, our forensic experts are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, providing the same level of precision and care across all geographical locations. 


We offer rapid deployment of forensic technologies in response to data breaches, ensuring a swift and secure collection process.

Unmatched Forensic Expertise

Forensic Expertise for Legal Success

Data has changed the world. Our forensic collection and consulting services stand out for their precision in collecting data from modern sources like chat and collaborative platforms. We ensure that every piece of electronically stored information (ESI) is meticulously collected and preserved, adhering to the highest standards of data integrity and compliance. Our global reach and local expertise mean that no matter where you are, Lineal is ready to support your forensic needs.