Early Case Assessment

Maximize Your Case Strategy

Begin your litigation or investigation on the right foot with Lineal’s Early Case Assessment (ECA) services powered by experts, enabled by data-focused technology. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of our Amplify tools, our expert consultants provide unparalleled insights and data culling to define your case strategy and reduce risks from the outset. 

Early Case Assessment

Lineal’s ECA Prepares You Better and Faster

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Expert-Led Insights

Our team of seasoned eDiscovery consultants specializes in extracting critical insights during the early stages of your case, ensuring you make informed decisions backed by comprehensive data analysis. 

Advanced Data Culling

With Amplify, we dramatically refine the volume of data to be reviewed, focusing on the most pertinent information and significantly reducing discovery costs and time. 

Custom Workflow Crafting

Leverage Amplify to design data review workflows specific for early case assessment that enables your team to gather deep insights at the start of every matter.

Optimize Your Legal Strategy with Lineal ECA

Experience significant cost savings, accelerated trial preparation, and proactive risk management with Lineal. Our Amplify suite offers customizable tools, fully integrated with Relativity, to streamline data handling and review processes. Tailor our Amplify solutions to your specific case needs and navigate your legal challenges with unmatched precision and flexibility.

Our ECA Process


Initial Data

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your data landscape, identifying potential sources of relevant information.


Amplify-Enhanced Analysis

Utilizing Amplify’s advanced analytics, we quickly pinpoint key documents and data trends, applying sophisticated filters to distill large datasets into actionable insights. 


Strategic Planning Support

Our consultants work closely with your legal team to interpret findings and strategize the best course of action, assessing risks and opportunities to guide your case direction. 

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