Empower your practice with consistent data review workflows.

Utilize Amplify and expert insights to find facts faster, deploy legal strategies backed by data, and create consistent, reusable workflows that strengthen your client relations.

Find relevant facts faster.

With Amplify, you’ll find the data that matters faster, and never miss critical pieces of information. Its powerful search capabilities and advanced analytics tools enable you to swiftly identify and analyze relevant data, giving you the insight you need to build a winning legal strategy for your clients.

Use all our applications to create reusable workflows with Amplify.

Showcase your expertise.

Amplify’s ability to create and reuse data and workflow templates streamlines the discovery process, making it more efficient and effective. This operationalizes your playbook, allowing you to handle more business, deepen relationships with clients, and improve reporting and communication.

Lineal Amplify can help you highlight your expertise.

The main points.

Amplify empowers you to quickly locate relevant information and build a stronger legal strategy for your clients.

Streamlined Workflows

Amplify’s ability to create and reuse workflows streamlines the discovery process, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Effective Communication

Amplify’s enhanced reporting and metrics improve law firm and client communication, ensuring a seamless and transparent discovery process.

Increased Capacity

By improving operations with Amplify, law firms can handle more business and deepen relations with their clients.

Find solutions with a Lineal expert.

We believe that every matter is unique and deserves undivided attention. A Lineal expert is prepared to understand your needs and provide answers.

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