Get the most out of your data and processes with Amplify, a suite of data-focused tools designed to modernize data review within RelativityOne. Enhance every aspect of eDiscovery from data processing and review to production and compliance, while capturing your insights to speed up your next matter's setup. 

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Chat & Collaborative Data Review

Review chat like chat

Interact with chat and collaborative platform data with ChatCraft, an intuitive interface. Review data across multiple platforms, tag messages at various levels of granularity, see attachments in-line and produce only the data you need with advanced redaction. 

RelativityOne Enhancement

Leverage your data in RelativityOne

Amplify integrates directly into RelativityOne, providing a unified experience that enhances the platform’s native capabilities. This integration allows users to leverage Amplify’s tools without leaving the Relativity environment, facilitating a cleaner workflow and reducing the learning curve for your team associated with using new software. 


Our team’s expertise in leveraging Amplify’s features ensures that every implementation is optimized to meet specific client needs. Our deep understanding of the technology and its practical application in diverse legal scenarios allows us to provide unmatched service and support, netting us 3 consecutive Relativity awards for our applications and customer experience.

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