A New Standard of Solutions for Chat Data eDiscovery

We focus on providing comprehensive services that manage every aspect of chat data review with our award-winning interface made for RelativityOne, ChatCraft. From collection through production, we ensure that your eDiscovery needs are met with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.

Leading the Way in Chat Data Review: Precision, Expertise, and Tailored Solutions

We leverage the power of ChatCraft to offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to manage and review chat data efficiently and effectively. Our specialized services ensure that every phase of your chat data eDiscovery is handled with precision and expert care.

Managed Review Services

Tailored review solutions designed specifically for chat data. Our expert teams leverage ChatCraft to ensure precise and efficient document review, providing insights into complex chat communications across various platforms.

Forensics & Collection Consulting

Secure and defensible collection of chat data is critical. We offer expert forensic collection and consulting services, ensuring compliance with legal standards while maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Technical Consulting

Optimize your eDiscovery framework with ChatCraft. We assist in seamless integration and customization of ChatCraft, enhancing your existing systems and workflows to boost efficiency and effectiveness in handling chat data.

Production Consulting

Navigate the production stage with strategic planning and expert guidance. Our services include meticulous preparation of chat data for legal proceedings, ensuring compliance with redaction and privacy standards.

Training and Support

Empower your team with comprehensive training on ChatCraft’s capabilities and best practices. Our ongoing support ensures you get the most out of your investment in chat data review technologies.

Flexible Chat Data Review in RelativityOne

By design, ChatCraft has been created for flexibility. This award-winning application allows legal teams to tailor the review process to the unique requirements of their case, ensuring that the review is as effective and efficient as possible.

Targeted & Granular

Break down chat data into manageable components for review. See the full and daily conversations, individual messages, and associated attachments. 

Nuanced Chat Review

Enable your team to review chat data in its unique format and preserve critical nuances of digital conversations such as reactions and emojis, attachments, and links.

Flexible Production

Export relevant messages without the need to redact countless unresponsive messages, further enhancing your review’s efficiency and utility.


ChatCraft won the Relativity Innovation Award in 2021 and is recognized by Relativity as a go-to for chat and collaborative data review.

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