Why Lineal Stands Out as a Value-Added Provider in the Relativity Ecosystem 

Written by Brian Stempel 

The current eDiscovery landscape is as challenging and dynamic as it has ever been. Navigating it today feels akin to steering a ship through a storm of unprecedented scale. The sheer volume, variety, and velocity of evidentiary data being generated daily is staggering. The rise and rapid growth of collaborative platform data (like Google Workspace, Teams, Slack, Bloomberg), complexities introduced by cloud storage, mobile devices, bad communication habits, and evolving security and encryption standards create new challenges that are not just technical but profoundly strategic. It requires rethinking the relationships between corporations, law firms and service providers.  

The value of having a knowledgeable and innovative partner to help navigate those troubling waters cannot be overstated. Lineal is a distinguished leader in this arena, especially when it comes to leveraging the market-leading eDiscovery platform, Relativity. Lineal stands out as one of the few value-added providers within the Relativity ecosystem for its expertise building practitioner-focused data-centric services and solutions. 

  1. Deep Experience with Relativity

Lineal’s differentiation begins with its profound expertise with Relativity. Lineal CTO Kit Mackie is the original architect of the Relativity platform giving Lineal unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight into integrating solutions for the Relativity platform.   

Lineal CCO and General Counsel, Jeanne Somma, has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and expertise in the eDiscovery industry. As a lawyer, she has a deep understanding of the legal nuances of responding to investigations and discovery requests.  As a technologist, she understands how to solve complex and unique challenges required for true innovation in legal technology. Her ability to navigate the intricate world of eDiscovery, coupled with her commitment to advancing industry standards through education and thought leadership, truly sets her apart. Jeanne’s award-winning contributions to the industry continually enhance our practices, making her an invaluable asset to Lineal and the legal community.

This combined expertise translates into a client-focused development cadence with the ability to design custom Relativity applications and enhancements that provide users with unmatched access to AI-powered review capabilities. This ensures that Lineal implements and innovates within the Relativity platform, setting it apart from other providers. 

  1. The Paradigm Shift from Documents to Data

Lineal understands the eDiscovery industry is at a critical moment in the history of the industry.  The paradigm marks a significant transformation in the legal industry. Traditionally, eDiscovery focused primarily on the retrieval and review of documents—emails, PDFs, and office documents were collected, processed, and reviewed in isolation. This process was sufficient as a surrogate for the foundational paper discovery when data types were limited and more manageable.

However, with the digital data explosion comes a variety of discovery data sources, including instant messages, social media sites and their collaborative interactions, complex structured databases like financial and manufacturing systems, and multimedia. This shift necessitates a move away from traditional document-centric methods of review to more dynamic and inclusive data-centric strategies that can handle the diversity and volume of modern data. Critically, the ability to analyze, review, and seek insights into discovery or opposing production through a data-centric lens allows for both greater efficiency in discovery analysis, as well as the unique ability to reuse data for greater insights into and across individual legal matters.

Tools like Lineal’s Amplify suite, which integrates with platforms like Relativity, enable this transition by providing sophisticated data analytics that go beyond mere document review. These tools facilitate early data assessment, allow for review decisions to be data-driven, more granular budget effectiveness tracking, and advanced data visualization.  The improved efficiency and accuracy using Amplify are clearly and defensibly documented.  This transformation is essential to keeping pace with modern data challenges while doing so strategically and cost-effectively. 

  1. Advanced Data Management and Reuse

Lineal revolutionizes legal review by enabling clients to make data-driven decisions throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle.  to expedite future matter setup and gain critical early insights to discovery data is possible through its proprietary Memory Bank technology. Data reuse strategies save time, reduce costs, and allow legal decisions to be leveraged from past matters for future case insights​​. The ability to reuse and adapt data decisions across different matters represents a significant advancement in managing the lifecycle of data, reinforcing Lineal’s position as a value-added provider. 

  1. Global Reach with Local Expertise

Lineal’s global presence and expertise is another cornerstone of its value proposition. Lineal goes beyond traditional follow-the-sun models, with highly experienced experts in critical markets globally.  These teams are available around the clock and around the world, Lineal offers the same high level of expertise and support regardless of geographic location. This global footprint ensures that Lineal’s Relativity platform paired with the Amplify suite are as accessible as they are effective, providing clients with the assurance that they can rely on Lineal’s expertise around the world. 

  1. Industry Recognition and Client Trust

Lineal has rapidly become one of the largest resellers of RelativityOne in the industry.  Lineal’s award-winning reputation and industry recognition for excellence and innovation are a testament to its role as a value-added provider. Having been acknowledged for its innovative solutions and client-centric approach, Lineal has garnered trust across a broad spectrum of clients, from law firms to corporate legal departments. This trust is built on a foundation of delivering consistent, high-quality outcomes in ways that defensibly innovate new ways to speed discovery insights that exceed client expectations. 

  1. Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Finally, Lineal’s commitment to continuous innovation within the Relativity ecosystem sets it apart. By constantly developing and refining its technologies and methodologies, Lineal ensures that its clients are equipped with the most advanced tools necessary to navigate the complexities of modern eDiscovery. This commitment to innovation is mirrored in their proactive approach to client challenges, ensuring that they offer solutions that are not just adequate, but leading-edge. Lineal is not just a participant in the Relativity ecosystem but a leader within it, continually setting and resetting the bar for excellence and innovation.


About the Author

Brian Stempel is a law practice technology executive and thought leader with over 30 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions and services to the legal industry. He is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Solutions at Lineal where he helps clients solve legal challenges with Lineal’s award-winning Amplify platform. Before Lineal, Brian ran eDiscovery operations at Kirkland & Ellis, Paul Hastings, and Debevoise & Plimpton. A life-long learner he also holds executive education certificates from Cornell University, MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia Business School, and Harvard Business School in various fields related to artificial intelligence, innovation, DEI, and leadership. 


About Lineal  

Lineal is an innovative eDiscovery and legal technology solutions company that empowers law firms and corporations with modern data management and review strategies. Established in 2009, Lineal specializes in comprehensive eDiscovery services, leveraging its proprietary technology suite, Amplify, to enhance efficiency and accuracy in handling large volumes of electronic data. With a global presence and a team of experienced professionals, Lineal is dedicated to delivering custom-tailored solutions that drive optimal legal outcomes for its clients. For more information, visit lineal.com 

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