managed document review

Deeper insights with data-focused review

Transform your legal review process from documents to data. Leverage Amplify to suppress irrelevant material, surface relevant data, track costs and get real-time status updates.

Enhanced Review Capabilities

Our service scales your review capabilities and handles the complexities and voluminous nature of modern legal data. Lineal ensures your team efficiently manages larger and more complex datasets, maintaining accuracy and quality throughout your matters.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Integrate advanced processes and technology and minimize manual review requirements, leading to significant cost reductions and streamlined operations in a defensible way.

Effective Processes with Amplify

Amplify revolutionizes your review strategies with applications that ensure data-driven and effective processes. Boost your organization's productivity, precision, and overall review effectiveness.

Informed and Proactive Reporting

Amplify’s proactive reporting focuses on key metrics like cost, efficiency, and throughput. Stay informed with up-to-date reports, enabling strategic, insight-driven decisions throughout the review process.

Per-Doc Cost Model

Our per-document cost model offers clear, predictable budgeting. Align your expenses directly with document and data volume, balancing cost-efficiency with the comprehensive, data-driven insights of our Amplify suite.

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