Using ChatCraft Custom Fields in Relativity to Review Chat Data

The review of chat and collaborative data in legal proceedings can be complex, given the dynamic nature of digital communication. Lineal’s ChatCraft tool simplifies this process within Relativity and RelativityOne by creating a suite of custom fields designed to streamline the search, review, and production of chat messages. This article will delve into these fields and explain how to best utilize them for efficient chat data management.

Creating a ChatCraft-Optimized View in Relativity

For legal professionals working within Relativity, setting up a dedicated view for chat data that incorporates ChatCraft’s fields is a best practice. This specialized view should include all pertinent fields provided by ChatCraft, which are tailored to enhance the review process. Understanding these fields will help reviewers leverage ChatCraft to conduct more specific review strategies such as finding hotspots via attachments or key terms.

Key ChatCraft Fields and Their Functions

  • ChatCraft Platform: Identifies the original platform from which the chat data was sourced, offering clarity on the context and features specific to each platform.
  • ChatCraft Participants: A multi-choice field that lists the names, addresses, or handles of all participants within the chat data, facilitating quick identification of communicators.
  • ChatCraft Type: Distinguishes between different document levels—full conversations, daily summaries, individual messages, and attachments—within the chat data.
  • Group Identifier Fields: Function similarly to a family field in eDiscovery, linking all messages within the same conversation thread, down to individual messages and attachments.
  • ChatCraft Daily Group ID: Further organizes messages by grouping them into their respective daily conversations.
  • ChatCraft Message Group ID: Assigns a unique identifier to each message and attachment, enabling precise tracking and review at the most granular level.
  • ChatCraft Message Count: Indicates the number of messages contained within each full conversation and daily summary, providing insight into conversation volume.

Utilizing Date Fields for Chronological Analysis

ChatCraft also provides date fields that are essential for chronological analysis:

  • ChatCraft Conversation Start Date: Propagated to all messages within a daily and individual level, marking the beginning of a conversation.
  • ChatCraft Conversation End Date: Similar to the start date, this is pushed down to the daily and individual message levels, marking the end of a conversation.
  • ChatCraft Sort Date: Enables the sorting of chat data in chronological order or any preferred sequence.


ChatCraft’s custom fields are a powerful addition to the Relativity eDiscovery toolkit, allowing legal professionals to navigate and analyze chat data with unprecedented efficiency. By leveraging these fields, teams can conduct more targeted searches, perform thorough reviews, and prepare accurate productions, all within the familiar environment of Relativity and RelativityOne.

Incorporate ChatCraft into your chat data review strategy to harness the full potential of your digital communication evidence. With these specialized fields, you can transform the complexity of chat data into a structured, review-ready format that enhances your legal team’s productivity and accuracy.