How to Optimize Relativity Workspaces for Data Review

Transform your Relativity workspace into a data review powerhouse with award-winning data review applications. From reviewing chat data to producing reusable review workflows, Lineal’s Amplify suite of tools enable every legal team to get full insights into their data.



As we lead the digital transformation in legal, we funnel our effort into developing data-focused tools that power better eDiscovery and investigation services within Relativity.


Effective eDiscovery transformation requires understanding key techniques. Data cleaning involves eliminating errors and inconsistencies, crucial for usability.


Lineal's ChatCraft streamlines chat data review within Relativity, addressing complex messaging data challenges across multiple platforms efficiently.


We combine 24/7 expert support, data-focused review applications, and customized solutions to transform your eDiscovery experience in Relativity, making us the preferred Relativity provider for many of the largest law firms and corporations worldwide.  


Lineal has been awarded the Relativity Best Innovation Solution Provider Award for their AI suite of Relativity enhancements. 


The rise of chat and collaboration platforms challenges eDiscovery with data volume and nuance, requiring specialized tools for effective management.

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