Navigating the Data Deluge: Revolutionizing Legal Review with Cutting-edge Technology

The relentless tide of digital information has transformed the way law firms and corporations approach legal review. Gone are the days when a few stacks of papers and traditional documents comprised the bulk of legal discovery. Today’s digital age bombards these entities with an overwhelming variety of data, demanding not just attention but a sophisticated strategy to harness its potential. This is where Lineal’s Amplify, including its pioneering application ChatCraft, becomes a game changer, equipping law firms and corporations with the tools needed to turn this data deluge into an asset.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The modern era has brought with it a type of data that is voluminous and varied. From instant messages to complex datasets, the digital footprint of today’s businesses is both a challenge and an opportunity. Amplify by Lineal steps into this arena with a suite of applications tailored to navigate through this complex data universe. By transforming the way data is reviewed, these tools not only streamline processes but also uncover insights that traditional methods might miss.

ChatCraft: A Beacon in the Chat Data Maze

In the complex world of legal data, chat messages can be particularly challenging to navigate. This is where ChatCraft, an integral component of Amplify, becomes essential. Imagine a scenario akin to the landmark case United States v. Connolly, where the outcome hinged on the intricate review of extensive chat messages. ChatCraft is designed to parse through such extensive chat data from platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat, intelligently tagging and organizing conversations. Its ability to break down conversations into manageable segments and present them with associated attachments in-line ensures that no critical information is overlooked, mirroring the precision required in high-stakes cases like Connolly. ChatCraft’s efficiency and precision in dissecting and analyzing conversations make it a powerful tool in the legal arsenal.

Amplify: The Heart of Data Review Strategy

Amplify is not just a tool; it’s the core of a data-centric strategy. Its ability to adapt to various data forms and to integrate with RelativityOne and Server environments marks a significant advancement in legal technology. Amplify’s suite, including PrivFinder and BotDetector, allows legal teams to swiftly identify privileged information and filter out irrelevant bot-generated content, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

The Inflection Point in Legal Review

Law firms and corporations stand at an inflection point. The volume, velocity, and variety of data types have reached unprecedented levels, demanding more than just incremental changes in data review processes. The integration of technology like Amplify into the legal review process represents a crucial adaptation to this new environment.

The Lineal Advantage: Technology and Services Synergy

Lineal recognizes the complexities of modern legal review and positions itself uniquely at the intersection of technology and services. By offering both advanced tech solutions and expert consulting services, Lineal empowers law firms and corporations to not just cope with the data surge but to leverage it to their advantage. The synergy between technology like Amplify and professional expertise forms a potent combination that aligns with the evolving needs of legal review.


The shift from traditional document review to complex data analysis in legal discovery is not just a trend; it’s a reality that demands a strategic response. With tools like Amplify and ChatCraft, Lineal is at the forefront of this transformation, offering law firms and corporations the means to turn the challenge of data volume and diversity into an opportunity for greater efficiency and insight. As we navigate through this era of digital information, the partnership with Lineal offers a path to not just survive but thrive in the ever-changing landscape of legal data review. For more information, head to